a little bit ABOUT ME

Well let me tell you a little story...


Hi my name is Angie and 9 years ago I was a very sleep deprived mum of 2! Amidst all the chaos I started planning my baby boys christening. After all I was on maternity leave and had nothing to do! RIGHT?... Boy was I wrong!


As I started to research christening ideas and themes, I instantly fell in love with the creative process of styling. From the concept and design, to the colour scheme, to the artistic display of my cake stands, jars and details. For me it was a creative outlet, with each event my masterpiece!​ 

Today that passion for styling events continues. Each and every job is like planting a seed and watching grow into a beautiful flower! And I am so proud to sit back and watch on as my clients celebrate their special occasion as I bring their vision to life, each and every!

So if you have a special event coming up, don't do what I did. Don't go mad planning everything, hoping it will all come together on the day. Enjoy the party planning process and let our team take the stress out of running around and coordinating everything.

Let us make your next event beautiful and effortless. Let us create a beautiful backdrop for you to celebrate your family's next milestone. I cant wait  to create something special for you.

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